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Nursing home / assisted living neglect and elder abuse are unfortunately occurring more frequently than in the past. When you place your elderly or disabled family members into these types of facilities, you are often trusting the facilities’ staff with your most prized treasures. Once you have made the choice of a facility, you expect your loved one to be cared for and watched over by professional staff members. You expect that the staff will meet your family member’s needs. Most families expect the care at an assisted living or nursing home facility will be significantly better than that which they can provide to their loved ones or that which the loved one could provide.

If you or your loved one has been a victim of poor nursing home or assisted living care, the victim may be entitled to compensation. The right to be compensated may be based upon not being protected, not being properly cared for, not being treated professionally, you should immediately contact an attorney. You are welcome to call me or if you prefer, email me for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your rights and options.

There are many types of abuse or negligence, including financial exploitation, physical, sexual, emotional or medical wrongdoing. Such behavior can unfortunately occur when a resident does not receive proper medical, physical and emotional care. The abuse can include slapping, hitting, bruising, failing to prevent falls or being improperly restrained or medication errors. Sexual abuse of a non-consensual nature may unfortunately also occur to your senior family members. Forms of sexual abuse may include sexual assault or battery, unwanted touching, coerced nudity, etc. Moreover, when your family members are in the hands of such caregivers in these facilities, there are also risks of infection if the proper procedures are not followed. The injuries and losses which occur from this can have devastating effects on the patient/resident and on the family.

• Nursing Home Abuse/Neglect/Accidents
• Elder Neglect/Injuries/Accidents
• Assisted Living Abuse/Neglect/Injuries/Accidents
• Bed Sores/Decubitus Ulcers/Pressure Sores
• Senior Citizen Neglect/Injuries/Accidents
• Substandard Patient, Resident and Senior Care
• Failure to Address Fall Risks
• Failure to properly Monitor
• Resident, Patient and Senior Mistreatment
• Free Initial Consultation

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