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We handle traffic violations, tickets, speeding violations, driving uninsured or without a license, driving under the influence and other, motor vehicle offences. Many times there are traffic or criminal charges which can arise out of a motor vehicle accident. See our website regarding Personal Injury and Accidents.

We can aggressively and professionally represent you in various types of municipal court matters. There are special considerations and options you may have depending on the type of offense. For over 20 years, we have handled motor vehicle violations, including:

Speeding tickets , Reckless driving, Suspension cases, Improper passing, DWI/DUI, and Failure to stop.

We also represent individuals in certain criminal matters which are handled in municipal court.

The attorney’s fee depends upon the nature of the charge, the number of offenses and other factors. If you want to try the case or settle it, the fee, which we will quote you will clarify which service we are providing. We will discuss the pros and cons of various alternatives and options and let you decide the course you want to pursue.

Depending upon your driving record and your insurance, the decisions which you make in municipal court can have significant financial and other consequences. The Motor Vehicle Commission surcharge is another consideration, which should be assessed in deciding what to do. Having appeared in many municipal courts around the state, I am familiar with this area of the law and many of the local municipal court procedures.

Many times these motor vehicle violations occur in the context of an accident or an injury which will require special consideration. Certain action taken in municipal court may have serious consequences in a later civil suit for injuries, damages or losses resulting from that accident. Therefore, it is important that you have aggressive and professional counsel to guide you in deciding how to proceed. We can provide advice in these areas.

Since we handle most injury matters including automobile accidents, truck and motorcycle accidents, we counsel you on the ways municipal court matters may impact upon you in the event that you are sued or have to sue in the future for the same accident.

I am a solo practitioner focusing in these areas of law, and I can assure you that I will not pass you from one attorney to another attorney. I will handle your case from beginning to end with the assistance of my staff. We will keep you informed of the matter as it progresses, and we will include you in decision-making steps along the way. If applicable, we will plan strategies and provide you with options at various junctures throughout the case. You are always welcome to schedule an appointment to come in to discuss your case. We will provide you with the representation and the support staff in which you can have trust and confidence. We are determined to aggressively, thoroughly, and professionally protect your rights and take the steps designed to achieve the fair resolution of your matter to which you are entitled.

My staff and I provide compassionate, aggressive, professional representation in pursuing your case. I am readily available for “in office” appointments if you would like to discuss your case as it is progressing.

We are committed to providing the type of aggressive, devoted, professional and consistent representation to which you are entitled. We will guide you through the case as it progresses, arriving at the fair resolution. I will plan strategies and provide you with options at various junctures throughout the case. We will provide you with the representation and the support staff in which you can have trust and confidence.

We will provide you personalized representation. You will not be passed from one attorney to another. I will start your case, and I will finish your case. You will receive the benefit of professional and caring assistance throughout the process. We pride ourselves on our personal and professional care to each and every client who retains us. We do not handle matrimonial, bankruptcy, real estate, zoning or landlord/tenancy matters.

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